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Tried Activital socks and could run 10K!

I used to run a lot because I was into triathlon and marathons before.
You can see it from below my “Okay, I come back to my parents home running all the way” record.

But I haven’t run/jog long distances for a long time…

In warm and comfy California, I just chill in my home…

Then gradually over past months, I have gained weight……

Trust me, as a triathlete, I bike for sure, more often than jogging because my gears of cycling are perfectly complete.

And one reason I shy away from jogging was with my old running shoes I didn’t have good socks to fit which makes me confident to run 10K for example without any pains or blisters on my feet.

To left to right:
Five-finger socks may look good, but they give you pain between fingers
Cycling socks are no good for jogging
Ancle-fixing type is not flexible when you don’t have any injury
Usual ones don’t have “grips” at the sole and your feet moves inside shoes and eventually blisters etc.

But I found “Activital” socks with a lot of design innovation derived from Japanese socks and functions to support my feet!

Perfect fit with Large size
You can see some “gripping” structure on the soles

Okay, let’s hit the road.

As was expected, both of my knees hurt…
And as my legs felt some pain, I changed parts of my sole to focus on. But those socks gave me perfect fit and my feet didn’t move inside the shoes which is desirable when you long-run.

As my jogging was slow as it was a first long-run in a long time, it got darker on Foothill road… but the socks supported me all the way along.

The socks gave me courage and support to run 10K for the first time over one plus year without any pains or blisters on my feet.
I will keep on running with them, at least to bring me back to the desirable weight.

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