Cat, NFT

The other day, I donated Ethereum/ETH to the Ukrainian government using their disclosed crypto account.

Donated Ethereum to Ukraine – how to do it

But I wanted to expand crypto donation to broader people in a more visible way.

So I created NFTs to support the country and listed them in OpenSea.

[Donation] Welcoming Cats Save Ukraine Stop the War and Putin!!

In the first couple of days, I sold some, then I sent the revenue to the Ukrainian government.

The listing term is one month, until April 2nd, and I will send all the proceeds in a batch, but I sent the first money as a trial.

Here’s how. (To save your time, the processes are shown backward from the completion of wiring)

Sent to the Ukrainian government account

For this donation project, the gas fee is incurred by me, not from the proceeds from the buyers

And since the government doesn’t accept MATIC/Polygon, I send ETH to them, although my NFTs are MATIC based

This is the notification via email from OpenSea

These NFTs are now owned by samurai-Ryohei.  Such a generous and benevolent person!!

Now being bought:

I truly appreciate samurai-Ryohei and his compassion to the country and its tragedy.

May the peace come back again to Ukraine soon.


Cat, Japan, NFT

My friend is in Ukraine and he and his family fled to Cherkasy.

It is near Kharkiv which is the second largest city in the country and where Russia troops are firing now, so I’m worried so much for he, his family and all the citizens in Ukraine.

To support the country, I donated some of my Ethereum directly to the government.

Being able to wire money directly and instantly has great merits of cryptocurrencies over ACH (Automated Clearing House) which takes several days and international wiring in which banks charge very expensive fees.

Here’s how to do it.

(日本語での説明方法は に記載しております。内容は下記と同じです)

Confirm the wallet account of Ukrainian government. Note this tweet is liked and retweeted countless times. It is important to check this tweet is authentic and avoid getting caught in frauds.

Recently including NFTs, there are a lot of scams. Prior investigation is crucial.

After copying the address above, go to a service called “Ethascan” and check out the validation of the account.

The site says there have been 37,239 times of wiring transaction to this Ukraine Crypto Donation account including large amount of 5ETH etc. Thus this account seems authentic with very high probability.

Next, open your crypt wallet such as METAMASK.

Press the Send button.

Recently, gas fee of Ethereum dropped significantly. However, it is recommended to check the trend of the fee based on day and time in a week to avoid paying unnecessary high one with the below site.

(Gas price data provided by Charts are set to your local time zone for your convenience)

Paste the above account address and type the amount.
I donate 0.05ETH here.

Gas fee was just $4.1 which looked reasonable for me considering the past outrageous trend.

After several ten seconds, donation wiring transaction was done!

Based on the article like this, Ukrainian government will “airdrop” their token to the ones who donated crypt before 11 am ET on Thursday, March 3.

Details have not been announced yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

May peace prevail on earth again.

Additionally, I launched Welcoming Cats Saves Ukraine, Stop the War and Putin!! NFT Charity.

All MATIC sales proceed of the NFTs goes to support Ukraine via their DAO or directly to their crypto account with the method explained above.

Japanese traditional Welcoming Cats (in Japanese, “Maneki Neko”), especially white ones, are said to invite luck and happiness.

As a Japanese and as I have Ukrainian friends, I hope peace comes back to Ukraine as soon as possible.

In order to do so, we have to stop the war and Putin. To show our will to stop the tragedy, once you purchase the NFT, please feel free to use the illustration for your PFP in SNSs.

Again, may peace prevail on earth again.




わずかながらですが、出来ることとして、仮想通貨 Ethereumを寄付しました。

直接、即入金できるというのは、ACH (Automated Clearing House=銀行送金)のように時間がかからなくていいですし、海外送金時の膨大な手数料を払わなくていいという面において仮想通貨のメリットと思います。




フィルターをすると、37,239回の送金トランザクションがUkraine Crypto Donationアカウントになされていますし、5ETHなどの大金も送られていますので、間違いなさそうです。









この記事などによりますと、ウクライナ政府が11 am ET on Thursday, March 3までに寄付した人にはエアードロップをしてくれる、ということです。