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ウィザーズ八村塁 と Comcast Xfinity / Rui Hachimura & Comcast Xfinity

ComcastとそのSTB「Xfinity」を使っていて一つ便利なこととして、音声認識→各試合の途中経過が見れて→各選手のスタッツが見れる ということがあります。
Good thing about using Xfinity by Comcast is that with voice recognition we can move to status/result of sports game and stats of players.

Comcast is losing video customers, but it values the fact that customers remaining in cable are watching sports. Thus it deploys sports technologies in STB so that they can minimize churn. This can be a valuable example for Japanese companies yet repeating fundamental questions to themselves “What are necessary innovation to us??”

All in all, Rui Hachimura is paving his way in NBA season despite my previous anticipation based on the pre-season matches as a former basketball player and an NBA fan.
He will score more than 20 points in a game very soon which is an awesome and dream-come-true level of performance for Japanese people.
I sincerely pray for his success in NBA.

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