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運転歴の無い妻のアメリカでの高額保険料をmetromileで試算してみた / Calculated auto insurance for my wife who haven’t driven in her life with metromile

I am carrying a car insurance of AIG. In my company, each employee has to purchase nonlife insurance including car one. I bought the nonlife one first then car one next as an addition to the former, which gave me a great deal and saves lot of money. This is generally called “umbrella insurance”.

家族がようやく今月末に渡米するので、妻の保険料について問い合わせたところ、今まで6ヶ月で$412だったものが、$1,097となる(+$685) とのこと。。 妻は今回の渡米に合わせ日本で運転免許を取ったので、実質日米で運転歴が無いことから、2.5倍強に上がる理由とのこと。
Since my family will come to the US at last (!), I inquired AIG how much I would pay for her part additionally and I was told that it would go up to $1,097 from original $412 (i.e. +$685) for 6 months… The rationale behind that 2.5x+ increase is that she never drove a car in neither the US or Japan and she just got a drivers license in Japan.

その増額が正しいか検証するため、また、シリコンバレーのスタートアップのサービスを試してみるために「metromile」社の「pay-per-mile car insurance」サービスで試算してみることにしました。
To validate the increase is sensible and to use Silicon Valley startup service, I ran the number with the service of ‘metromile – pay-per-mile car insurance’.
The company is backed by top tier VCs and Japanese trading companies and insurance companies as well. It seemed to grow to the size which can be an unicorn.

The result is as follows. I haven’ t figure out what were the factors for the difference, but now I can say “Car insurance in the state is pretty tough on drivers who haven’t had driving records!”

$1,097 – $412 = +$685 / 6 mo. (= +$114/mo = +$1370/yr)

Minimum : $154.35 * 6 mo. = + $926.1 / 6 mo.
Mazimum : $186.57 * 6 mo. = + $1,119.42 / 6 mo.

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