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Why security is needed in the US homes is sort of obvious. Compared to Japan, it is less safe in general, but in addition, some leased home are not very secure in front door lock as you can see in my house..

Single lock…
When living in a leased home, it is not easy to change facility as you are obliged to return it to original condition!

Thus, introducing Origin Wireless’s new security product “HEX HOME

Box I received from Origin Wireless
Inside the box
Inside the boxes
Downloading the associated app as instructed in the manual enclosed in the box
Scanning the “parent” device called Command with a smartphone camera
Lets’ check the Device Placement Tips so that we can get the most out of this
Yes, I have to admit I’ve got a lot of stuff in my home..
This is the best I can do at the entrance here (=middle of home structually)
Finishing the set up of the main device, Command

Moving on to the child devices “Hex Sense”

Okay, I have to admit I’ve got a lot of gadget. But there was a last outlet for Hex Sense!
Shining beautifully.
This easy.
PE time!
It’s a bit hard to tell in this picture (as a result of color correction of iPhone camera?) but the LED light turned to yellow for sure showing that it is sensing motion of me.
You will fed up with too many alerts. I can tell this since I am using a lot of IoT devices in my home. With HEX, you can adjust sensitivity level so that you can neglect moves of your pets etc.
Not related to HEX, but it is nice that Xfinity Home detects “unassigned device” was connected to home network automatically. As those devices are installed by me intentionally, I can assign them in my home network to show I recognize them legitimately.
And I could add two more devices very easily with the exactly same procedure shown above.
Home screen of the app.

You can fire off the siren if you detect undesirable movement of potential theft in your home. Sound level is configurable, but the default setting is quite noisy enough to scare off intruders.

And you can change mode of detection to enhance caution level, meaning you receive more alerts from the system.
Event log
Scheduling function for turning on the system when everyone in your home goes to school and office, and vice versa.
Configurable volume and LED brightness. Very granular.

But, what if I go outside and move? We have gardeners every once in a week in our yard but we don’t want to receive alarm all during his work.

I am moving outside home like a weird..
The Sense is neglecting what is happening outside home. Pretty clever.
But of course all Sense devices are detecting what are moving inside home. This is technological beauty. Superb UI/UX.

But, wait. There should be no one in my bedroom. Burglar!?

There she is on my chair.

The system and sensor were sensitive enough to detect this tiny feline creature creeping onto my work chair.

I felt so secured with this technology with this level of sensitivity.

As I use Nextdoor and Neighbors apps, I understand some incidents happening even in this relatively safe area in Bay Area.

Rather than just fearing what could happen in case of a rainy day, I proactively take measures (like buying an umbrella in California) to protect my family, including my cat.

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Origin Wireless Uses Wi-Fi Sensing with Hex Home DIY Home Security System

This is THEIR product and they no longer have to rely on other Wi-Fi AP vendors. Epical!! (cf. Davie504)

For 2021, let’s think about your and your family’s safety, except for the risk of getting the virus:

  1. I understand the security services are expensive and not a lot of people want to pay the fee.
    $52.99/mo?  OMG! Slap!!
  2. I personally can’t afford it, so I just bought an ADT sign from Etsy for what I can pay!  Not very secure!!  Not epic!!!
  1. But a sign can’t simply detect burglars or slappers, so I am using Blink (now Amazon company) camera and smartphone as you can see on the top-left side.
    However, too many false alarms just for front porch monitoring!!
  2. Nevertheless, companies such as ADT are relying on dinosaur technologies and charging customers.
    Before having a discussion with notable IoT company in Japan in January 2020 (good old days being able to have F2F meeting back then…), I walk around my neighborhood for an hour and counted subscribers vs. non-subscribers of those security services and could figure out almost 40% of household are using services despite of the expensive price.  Mind blowing!
  3. This CES Best of Technology awarded technology (Software & Mobile Apps) can disrupt or checkmate the whole market and incumbent players since even a single device, HEX, can monitor a whole house.  Again, epical!!!