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Origin Wireless Uses Wi-Fi Sensing with Hex Home DIY Home Security System

This is THEIR product and they no longer have to rely on other Wi-Fi AP vendors. Epical!! (cf. Davie504)

For 2021, let’s think about your and your family’s safety, except for the risk of getting the virus:

  1. I understand the security services are expensive and not a lot of people want to pay the fee.
    $52.99/mo?  OMG! Slap!!
  2. I personally can’t afford it, so I just bought an ADT sign from Etsy for what I can pay!  Not very secure!!  Not epic!!!
  1. But a sign can’t simply detect burglars or slappers, so I am using Blink (now Amazon company) camera and smartphone as you can see on the top-left side.
    However, too many false alarms just for front porch monitoring!!
  2. Nevertheless, companies such as ADT are relying on dinosaur technologies and charging customers.
    Before having a discussion with notable IoT company in Japan in January 2020 (good old days being able to have F2F meeting back then…), I walk around my neighborhood for an hour and counted subscribers vs. non-subscribers of those security services and could figure out almost 40% of household are using services despite of the expensive price.  Mind blowing!
  3. This CES Best of Technology awarded technology (Software & Mobile Apps) can disrupt or checkmate the whole market and incumbent players since even a single device, HEX, can monitor a whole house.  Again, epical!!!