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自宅オンラインライブ授業が始まりました/Started home online classes in Silicon Valley

From March 18th Wednesday, in the school where my daughter attends located in Silicon Valley, online live class at home has started.

日本なら、何のデバイスを使うのか、何のシステムを使うのか、セキュリティーをどうするのかで何ヶ月か議論に時間がかかりそうなものですが、この学校では①自分のPCで②Google Hangout Meet(ビデオ電話会議)でということが早々に決まって、運用が始まりました。

Google Cloud Hangout Meet

On the first and second day, some of the 24 students forgot to turn the microphone off and some others shouted “Hey, turn the mic off!” and he/she forgot to turn back the mic off… but those I thought those communications were cheerful.

A little fun conversation one had was “What day it is today? I just forgot it” He might have lost the sense of time since they stayed home for four days.

In any form, I really with kids grow safely and soundly.
And I realized the strength of the US based on its agility, technology now.

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