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流行りの人工肉で美味いハンバーグ作れるか?/Can you make yummy “Hambargu” with plant meat?

Impossible Foodsが$500M調達し、計$1.3Bの調達額になったとのこと、引き続き人工肉の分野が熱い。
Impossible Foods raised $500M, totalling $1.3B. Plant meet is still one of the hottest areas in the market.

Impossible Foods confirms $500 million fundraising, has raised $1.3 billion in total

先に2019年に上場したのがLAのBeyond Meatで、現在$3.7Bの市場価値がある。
Beyond Meat went public first and now it is valued at $3.7B.

Personally, I have more interest in how it is yummy when I make “Hambargu” with the meat. And I did.

ちなみにハンバーグっていうのは、アメリカにはあまりなくて、Salisbury Steakがお肉としては似てるけど、もっと(グレービー)ソースがドバっとかかっている感じで、どっちかというとそいつは煮込みハンバーグっぽい。
In the US, you don’t see “Hambargu” a lot. Salisbury Steak is similar to it, but it has more sauce on/around it (=gravy sauce). It is more like simmered Hambargue in the Japanese sense.

435gで$10くらいするのでかなり高い!/16oz cost $10. I feel it is very expensive
玉ねぎをカラメル色に炒めて/Caramelize onion slowly in the pan
材料をすべてボールに入れて/Put ingredients in the bowl
それを娘が混ぜて/My daughter nicely knead them
形にして/mke patties
フライパンで焼き目を付け/Cook the patties over medium heat until nicely browned
ワインを飲みながら/With drinking wine
  ワインベースのソースを作ります/Make sauce with wine, ketchup, butter
Grill the patties in the oven heated at 390F for 10 mins. Apply the sauce on the hambargu and there you go!

Comment from pundits. My daughter told me “Dry. Hambargu have to trickle out juice when cut” My wife was briefly “Salty”

Since it is plant-based meat, it doesn’t have “stickiness” of fat of beef and pork combined meet. Thus, you can feel it is a kind of dry. And the meat contains salt in it when sold in a shop. If you add salt in sauce or ingredients, it can get very salty..
You can make it better if you improve the balance etc., but still cost performance is not that great.

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