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2020年3月17日(火)からBay Areaが、20日(金)からCalifornia全土がそれぞれ自宅待機となりましたが、それから当然自宅からビデオ・電話会議が多くなりました。
From March 17th Tuesday 2020 in Bay Area, 20th Friday in California respectively, we have been forced to stay home and it led us to have many video/telephone conferences from home.

White-collar workers are doing remote calls similarly, kids are taking online courses or watching YouTube or playing games. Thus, Internet has been sluggish these days.

How Americans are spending their time in the temporary new normal

Under this dismal situation, if Wi-Fi is slow at home, I can’t literally do my work. I checked my Internet throughput with speed test app and found out it was just 7Mbps…

Then I decided to deploy mesh Wi-Fi in my home.
Lo and behold, even with the combination of USPS and Comcast in the US, they delivered AP in a day and half and saved my life.
Below is the preparation, hardware, software, how to install and result etc.

先ずTVの左側/家の端にあったCiscoのWi-Fi APを写真のようになるべく家の中心に寄せたが、書斎でのスループット改善に結びつかなかった
I relocated my Wi-Fi AP near the center of my house as much as possible but this did not improve the Internet throughput in my workroom
我が家のフロア図です。アメリカにしては結構小さい家です。それでもCiscoのケーブルモデム兼Wi-Fi APでは仕事部屋まで電波が届かないので、赤で書いたようにAPを追加しました。
This is my house. Pretty modest/small one. But the original Cisco cable modem/Wi-Fi AP can’t reach its signal to my workroom. Thus, I added three APs/Pods depicted in red in the picture
デカい箱だ!と思ったけど/I thought the box was gigantic, but
The box for the product itself was small enough. It was good to be small since I want to keep it for future sales, transfer etc.
Appleを思わせるような美しい梱包/Apple-like beautiful packaging
Other than APs which they call Pods, the only thing enclosed was this piece of paper. Simple and good.
Comcastのアプリから設定します/Setup has to be done from Comcast Xfinity app
デバイスを選択する/Select “Xfinity Device”
xFi Podsを選択/Select “xFi Pods”
First one was set in the entry space of my house which is the right center of it.
Please excuse me to have a wireless repeater of IoT monitoring camera and hoverboard
いよいよ書斎のコンセントに刺します/Finally, I plug the pod to an outlet in my workroom
ミュージカルキャッツと同じです。猫にもPodにもちゃんとした名前を付けなければいけない。/As told in musical Cats, you have to properly name cats and Pods

Set up took me approximately 10 to 15 minutes and the procedure was pretty easy.

Then, I conducted a speed test again.
Wow! I got 85Mbps and it was a 10x jump from previous sluggish 7Mbps!!
Now I can concentrate in video/phone calls. Plume saved my life!