Kabuki actor “Kikunosuke Onoe V”, premium photography book + Oshikuma in a frame – “Tuchigumo”

A long-awaited first photography book of “Kikunosuke Onoe V” including unpublished works of not only “Kouga no Komusume Dohjoji”, “Shunkyou Kagamijishi”, “Sesshu Gappougatsuji”, “NINAGAWA Twelfth Night” and ”Tunoru Koiyuki Sekino Oto”, “Tuchigumo” which were performed in 2019, but also premium “Oshikuma”, REAL MAKEUP of Kikunosuke Onoe V for Tuchigumo performance put in a frame

Shot by a notable photographer Takashi Okamoto, my best friend from childhood, photos miraculously culled from perfectly calculated compositions in stages and breathlessly serine still photographs will capture your heart. “Sei” – static with which you can feel the breath of Kikunosuke and “Dou” – dynamism which thrills you with the sensuous movement of the Kabuki actor are interwoven in this art book. Indulge yourself in the enchantment of Kikunosuke as much as you like.

* Since Oshikuma is on-demand production, it takes several weeks for us to ship it. Only if you can agree with the lead time, please place an order.
* Due to its nature of concurrent sales in online and bookstores, when it is sold out, we might cancel the order.

Photo book: Enclosed in a premium box and foil-stamped case / 11.81 x 8.50 inches (300mm×216mm)

Print: 12.01 x 10.00 inches (305mm×254mm) / Enclosed in foil-stamped “Tatou” Japanese paper 15.94 x 13.94 inches (405mm×354mm),

「土蜘」:16.93 x 23.78 inches (430mm×604mm)

You can purchase this photography book from:

With Oshikuma
: PayPay Mall (The inventory is limited)

Without Oshikuma
: Yahoo shopping T-Site

Kikunosuke Onoe V

Takashi Okamoto

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