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Japanese as number ONE

We, as a part of Asian, are proud of ourselves.
There is no single reason that we should be hated, but even we had, I don’t care because there are so many great Japanese athletes, artists, and business person around the globe.
Here is a list of number one Japanese in various areas:
(Please note pictures and almost all of the descriptions are cited from Wikipedia to keep the fairness and protect copyrights)

Hideki Matsuyama
On 11 April 2021, Matsuyama won the Masters Tournament, becoming both the first Japanese player and the first Asian-born player to win the tournament. 
Among the four days, the best day was the third when he scored 65, but the most impressive one was the last day when he kept his lead with his great endurance.

Naomi Osaka
Not only the US Open 2020 that people in United States well remember, she has won 2018 one and Australian Open 2021 and 2019.
At the US Open 2020, Osaka walked onto the court for her seven matches wearing a different black mask, each of which with the name of an African American who had been killed in recent years often without significant repercussions.
Note that her name is pronounced as [neiomi] or [neomi] in US, but in Japanese it is [naomi].

Takuma Sato
Sato is a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, having won the event in 2017 and 2020. He was the first Asian driver to win the Indy 500.
Japanese is known as gentle, mild and kind, but he is really aggressive in the races and known for his motto “no attack, no chance” with regards to racing style.

Shohei Otani
Although he is at his early career, there is no doubt that he is the greatest pitcher/batter in MLB at present.
Who could imagine that a Japanese player throw a 101 mph fastball and hit his 450 yard homerun in a single game!

Ichiro Suzuki
Almost no need to explain Ichiro’s accomplishments since they have been enclaved in people’s memory –
MLB’s single-season record for hits with 262, Guinness World record of 4,367 hits in his professional career across Japan and the United States.
(I’m proud of being Suzuki thanks to him!)

Yuzuru Hanyu
Hanyu, who is called “Yuzu” as a nickname among Japanese, is the first Asian men’s singles skater to win the Olympic gold.
Upon winning the 2020 Four Continents Championships, Hanyu became the first and only male singles skater to achieve a Super Slam, having won all major competitions in his senior and junior career. Regarded as among the greatest male figure skaters in history, Hanyu has broken world records nineteen times.

Shinsuke Nakamura
Unless you live in the US, you may not know the popularity WWE, but it is huge here.
Nakamura won  WWE United States Championship twice in 2018 and 2019, respectively. On top of that,  WWE Intercontinental Champion in 2019.
He abandoned his stardom at  New Japan Pro-Wrestling which was unbelievable to fans in Japan back then.

Joji (@88rising)
Australian Japanese R&B, trip hop and lo-fi singer releasing songs from 88rising.
His debut studio album Ballads 1, which reached number 1 on Billboard‘s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums in November 2018 made him the first Asian-born artist to do so.

Steve Aoki
He is a Japanese American DJ known for his EDM music and enthusiastic showmanship.
He earned the Guinness record for “most traveled musician in one year” 2014.
Although he is technically not Japanese, the reason I wanted list him here was that since early in his career Aoki has been involved with various charities, and EDM.com named him No. 1 on their list of the eleven most charitable EDM producers. He is the founder of the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which raises money for global humanitarian relief organizations and medical research.
Note that his name is pronounced as [eioki] in US, but in Japanese it is [naomi].

Masayoshi Son
Among his numerous business establishments, the largest one in an industry is SoftBank Vision Fund – whopping $93B size. It was way bigger than all the US tech funds such as a16z, KPCB etc. combined in 2017.

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