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Suddenly my dinner appointment was blow out, still I had to take Uber from my office to home, since I came to the office by Uber.. (Recently Japanese companies oblige employees to take Uber when they drink even a bit)

普通のタクシーより安いとはいえ、そこそこコストはかかります。SunnyvaleからSanta Claraで$15とか。。 なので、帰りはお金の節約のためにUber Pool(相乗りUber)にしました。
Although it is cheaper than normal taxi, it cost me to take Uber. $15 from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara. Thus, I took Uber Pool to go back home.

Pool is nearly as half as the cost of UberX!
It takes more time for them to calculate estimated pickup time
This is as usual as normal Uber before a pickup
Before arriving home, the Uber driver would stop two spots including co-riders’ pickups and drop-offs
Usually it takes 15 mins, thus additional 5 mins, but it is not a big deal

A problem occurred right after I got picked up.

アプリ上、「Pickup Mahesh」と書いてありますが、僕は「Masashi」です。
The app says “Pickup Mahesh”, but I am Masashi. I checked my profile again and it was for sure Masashi. A glitch in the app.

But in the next pickup point, I was greeted by Indian Mahesh. Confusing. But it was not a bug..

とにかく、似た名前の人の話はちょっとした小話ですが、①相乗りのアルゴリズムを見事実装して ②ルート計算にちょっと時間がかかるものの ③実用的にぜんぜん問題ないレベルで市場投入して ④利用料を大幅に削減することで ⑤人々の役に立っている というところが素晴らしいです。
All in all, aside from having a similar name co-rider, 1. implementing a pool ride algorithm beautifully 2. although route calculation takes a bit of time 3. the UX of using pool ride is good 4. and by reducing the cost of ride significantly 5. serving people’s daily life are really awesome.

In Silicon Valley, there are a lot of talks about startups which exited with ultra high valuation, B2C app buzzed just temporarily with mediocre technology and so on and so forth to make a kind of fad all the time.
However, whenever I see technologies and software which used by normal people in everyday life, I feel the real power of technology.