Private Pickleball court service

Due to the recent surging demand for Pickleball courts in the US, here I do a feasibility study of a private Pickleball court service. If anyone has an interest or can support me, please let me know!!


  • Hourly pickleball courts
  • Simple, but good surface, with tables and chairs for players to mingle


  • Players can have tournaments here
  • Players can play rec games here without interference
  • Players can have lessons here (in public courts, paid lessons are generally prohibited)
  • Corporates can have events here
  • Players can have training with Mosh (-3.5 player)
  • From foreign countries, tourists can enjoy playing Pickleball here (=Pickleball tour)



  • TBD
    • $20/h for a court (= not per player)
  • Training, lessons = option/addition


  • Initial cost
    • Land, if purchased
    • Court surface, net
    • Fence and gate
    • Tables and chairs
    • Parking lot
    • Lights : TBD
    • Website and reservation system
  • Recurring cost
    • Salary (Mosh:bare minimum + staff in the future)
    • Rent, if the land if rented
      • Example of Santa Rosa property
        • 15 cents/ft2/mo
        • 12,200 ft2 x $0.15/mo = $1,830/mo = rent
    • Mobile Toilet
    • Electricity and water

Profitability Simulation

Needs further investigation and calculation, but tentative figures are below:

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