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When you are drunk, but have driven your car, what would you do? Now we have a solution called “Daiko”

When you have a party at night, but you drove your car to the venue, and eventually if you are getting drunk (or even shitfaced), what would you do??

Driving your car back home is dangerous and illegal (No DUI please!), but leaving your car in a public lot is VERY RISKY too since car break incidents are increasing based on pandemic unemployment etc.

Using Uber/Lyft round-trip is a reasonable solution, but when the round trip is long, it can be pricy – especially nowadays Uber can rip you off in the “peak time” or whatever they call.  (Yes, I had experienced it in evening when I went to Angel Stadium of Anaheim to watch Shohei Otani: frigging $60 for 2 miles!  Thank Uber for make me learn the dark side of ride share service!!)

And sometimes you have to send your kids to schools and come to the office for meetings ASAP in the morning: that is a kind of typical scenario you have to drive your car even you have appointment of party in the evening – and sometimes you can’t stop drinking beer 🙂

Don’t worry anymore.  Now we have a solution: Daiko by Rigle Tech

Daiko sounds like daikon (radish) in a salad bowl, but actually meaning “replacement” in Japanese.  In this case, “hey, I drive your car for you and bring you back home, you can just sit and relax or even take a nap in a passenger seat”.

Currently it would take 20 minutes-ish to have a Daiko car to pick you up, but when you foresee the closing of the party, just send a request to them in advance.  At the time when you say goodby to your drunken friends, you’ll see the Daiko driver right in front of the restaurant.

When you get to your home, the driver leaves with his e-scooter etc.   Pretty handy isn’t it?

Technologies and services are something you never understand if you don’t use them.  This is my long-lasting belief and I’m following this principle especially while I’m in Silicon Valley.

So, experimentally I got totally shitfaced in Yakitori Gaku that I love to come with my best friends.  (My wife allowed me to do so when I said this is a kind of tech PoC) (Additionally, there was an executive of my company coincidentally who made me more tipsy)

After the couple of hours of cheerful yakitori dinner, I asked Daiko driver to drive my beloved Tesla Model 3 in lieu of me, and he carefully and nicely drove it on Highway 280 and San Antonio Road, and in 20 minutes I was safely home and nicely greeted by my daughter saying “Dad, you are drunken, you didn’t drive your car, did you?” “Honey, not at all, don’t worry about it, I’m good”

And the driver said good night to me, disappeared into the darkness of night. 

It was a great UX and DX for me as a party lover who can easily get drunken with fun conversations with business partners and best friends.

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